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Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting
Megabass Orochi X10 Casting

Megabass Orochi X10 Casting

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The award-winning OROCHI X10 harnesses materials innovation from the high-octane worlds of Porsche® and BMW® racing, calling upon the unique properties of organic fibers to deliver uncompromising performance. Read more..

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Product description


The spirit of the unknown has awakened.


X10 Organic Fiber Composite Blanks

The X10 is the most significant rod in the OROCHI’s storied history, opening the door of materials innovation to a better future. Inspired by the Japanese government’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on global goals of social, cultural, environmental, and economic wellbeing, X10 integrates naturally-derived blank material to take another step towards better stewardship of our angling future.


X10 organic fibers harness flax cellulose microfibrils, the orthogonal layers that provide much of the structure of plant walls. Deployed in select Porsche® and BMW® racecars, natural fiber is quickly emerging as a viable alternative to artificial carbon fiber in select applications, due to its superior damping and shock-absorbing characteristics. Experimenting with this material throughout the blank production process, Megabass engineers selected X10 as a finishing wrap that extends from the rear grip to the mid-section.


The proprietary organic fibers of the X10 exhibit several unique characteristics. Firstly, they are lighter than their carbon counterparts. Secondly, organic fibers exhibit superior dampening properties, suppressing the blank's unwanted axial shake. This not only reduces extraneous “noise” to channel key information to the angler’s hands but tames excess vibration for a quicker blank-recovery rate and reduced angler fatigue. Lastly, X10 is highly shock-absorbent, adding a protective layer to shield the blank’s carbon fiber core from external stressors.


The core blank of the OROCHI X10 leverages the ultra-lightweight carbon graphite of the DESTROYER® series. Produced with a special composite method, this premium carbon material delivers the kind of sharp sensitivity and crisp control that has led to the DESTROYER’s legendary outperformance. Wrapped around this high-performance core from the mid-section through the base of the rod is the X10 organic fiber composite. With its superior damping control, it enables a more direct and intuitive connection between angler and equipment, exhibiting a blank flex that is a joy to experience.


  • IAS

Hand-carved by Yuki Ito, the IAS reel seat took shape through careful analysis of the reel-palming grips of top professionals. A study in ergonomic minimalism, the forming process leaves only the necessary tactile surfaces to support intuitive grip and feel. This lightweight, reductionist approach results in a pure competition-spec reel seat that embodies confident operability.


  • ITS

Built for power fishing, the sculpted design and long trigger provide overwhelming grip for big bait and heavy cover applications. Whether one or two-finger casting or utilizing a full-palm retrieve, ITS is designed to accommodate various grip styles with confidence.


  • IES

The fast-back design of the reel seat bridge fits deep in the palm of the hand, providing increased contact points to improve feel and control in spinning applications. The IES’s sweeping, tapered fore-grip allows direct contact with the exposed blank, enhancing the kind of delicate bite-detection that is required in deep finesse fishing.


Orochi Aluminum Machine-Cut Hood

The head-locking mechanism is machine-cut from a solid block of high-grade aluminum, delivering uncompromising strength and rigidity. Machining expertise has enabled a lightweight, high-strength design that is finished with weight-saving cutouts and shallow knurling for enhanced grip.


OROCHI X10 Original Tight Threading

The masterful thread work of the OROCHI X10 is a functional artistry unique to Megabass. Elegant tourmaline-green base threads made of fine, semi-transparent fibers are finished with lustrous and tough monofilament Air Force Scuro thread accents to create an exceedingly tight and secure guide threading.



ITO Engineering is pleased to introduce a blank material derived from sustainable fibers, taking another step towards better stewardship of the world we all love and fish. Harnessing this advanced material derived from renewable flax cellulose microfibrils, Megabass has launched a project to create a true heir to the Orochi, the mythological water dragon and patron spirit of Megabass rods. The project is code-named X10: “X” for the ineffable spirit of the Orochi; “1” for the first bass rod utilizing this new material; and “0” for the organic fibers harnessed for sustainable performance.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’5 | Lure: 1/8-3/8oz | Line: 6-12lb| Power: L | Action: Fast

The CLIFFHANGER, a bait finesse ally trusted by discerning specialists, has been further refined with X10 blank technology. These extra-dimensional blanks, created together with Hirokazu Kawabe, a leading professional tournament angler, deliver intuitive and precise operability and extremely high cast accuracy, virtually eliminating any interference between angler and target. Megabass' unique guide setting, which employs the smallest diameter micro guides in the X10 lineup, contributes to its ultra-sensitive characteristics, transmitting tentative short bites with brilliant clarity. It can be used not only with small baits such as mini cranks and neko rigs, but also with finesse shad plugs. This is a competition-spec model built to take the fight to the forefront of bait finesse.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’10 | Lure: 1/4-5/8oz | Line: 8-18lb| Power: L | Action: Med Fast

The RAPID VIPER is built for fast-moving medium to small sized lures and light Texas rigs, empowering anglers with a sense of featherweight maneuverability. The X10's ultra-lightweight blanks transmit a perfect balance of tension and forgiveness, generating outsized castability and viper-quick hooksets to expand the attack range of lightweight lures. The essence of the RATTLE VIPER lies in the union of light cranking and light softbait games within a single rod. Its dynamic performance makes it a preferred tool for bank fishing, where selection is often restricted by mobility.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’8 | Lure: 1/4-3/4oz| Line: 8-20lb| Power: ML| Action: Fast Regular

The JABBERWOCK, once the core of the Destroyer's mid-weight versatile rods, has been reborn with X10 blank technology for the modern era. Ideally suited for aggressive, fast-moving tactics with the VISION ONETEN series, DEEP-X series, vibrations, spinnerbaits, and bladed jigs, as well as long distance games with medium to large topwater plugs such as the I-WING, angler presentations can be controlled delicately or boldly at long distances. JABBERWOCK exhibits a sharp, fast-taper design that contributes to high sensitivity at low loads. At high loads, the bend curve deepens well into the mid-section, shifting to a regular taper to absorb surging targets and quick load-changes. The JABBERWOCK, once the benchmark for versatility, has reawakened as a key player in the Orochi X10 series.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’11 | Lure: 1/4-3/4oz | Line: 8-20lb | Power: M| Action: Med Fast  Regular

Based on the renowned ELSEIL, the original spirit has been reimagined with X10 technology to provide even greater range and precision. The X10’s superior dampening performance reduces the axial shake so often experienced in longer shafts, refining the blank’s feedback to the angler and reducing fatigue. The SUPER ELSEIL’s high-tension carbon tip and medium-fast taper is perfect for fast-moving lures, no-sinker soft baits and lightweight rigs. Crisp shaft performance is a welcome ally when fishing spinnerbaits, jerkbaits or reaction baits in and around submerged vegetation, providing the sharpness necessary to cut free of weeds and trigger the bite. Under high loads, the blank bends smoothly and deeply into its strong mid-section for sure control. The SUPER ELSEIL brings crisp versatility to the X10 series.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 7’0 | Lure: 3/8-1oz | Line: 10-25lb | Power: M | Action: Med Fast  Regular

Drawing inspiration from the Destroyer® BANDERSNATCH, the F5-70XT is designed to dominate the power fishing game with medium to heavyweight lures. Re-engineered with X10 blank material to bring its updated specs to modern waters, BANDERSNATCH is made for anglers who challenge big fish with aggressive deep cranking, larger topwaters, swimbaits, and slow-rolling heavy spinner baits.

The X10's lightweight and torquey characteristics deliver an intuitive feel with a high power-to-weight ratio, delivering the aggressiveness required to cover fish with 3/8oz. jigs and Texas rigs. BANDERSNATCH is a versatile medium-heavy challenger, built for monster approaches.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’9 | Lure: 3/8-1.5oz | Line: 10-25lb| Power: MH | Action: Fast

The jig and Texas rig model from the original Destroyer® series has been reimagined in the Orochi X10. Designed alongside Hirokazu Kawabe, one of Japan's leading football jig experts, the BEARING DOWN reveals a new dimension of jig fishing. Realizing the full potential of X10 blank design, the F5.1/2-69XT exhibits high blank tension and refined sensitivity, anchored by a torquey butt section. The X10’s formidable power-to-weight ratio inspires confidence and control, while the blank’s precision tip section enables minute angler input and the kind of sensitivity required to ascend the podium. Further, BEARING DOWN is an extremely powerful choice when fishing downhill in deep reservoirs.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’6 | Lure: 1/2-2.5oz | Line: 12-30lb | Power: H | Action: Regular

The DESTRUCTION 66 is a compact powerhouse built for highly technical big bait games. Armed with double-footed guides, the X10 blank produces superior torque for strong shaft performance that does not retreat under load. Delivering quick, decisive hooksets that can penetrate the thick jaws of monsters, the deeply powerful shaft can withstand fearsome surges and maintain control throughout the fight. Demonstrating excellent controllability of 2oz.-class baits such as the i-SLIDE 187R and MEGADOG-X, the DESTRUCTION 66 is comfortable handling large swimbaits, heavyweight bladed jigs and spinnerbaits day in and day out. Also adept at close-quarters frogging, the compact shaft enables pinpoint cast and control to maximize the productivity of small, open water pockets in dense cover.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 7’1 | Lure: 1/2-3oz | Line: 12-30lb | Power: H | Action: Med Fast  Regular

The SWAMP SURVIVOR is a power-playing frog and swimbait model designed for heavy vegetation areas. The X10 displays high shaft rigidity and outstanding maneuverability. In the frog game, this translates into devastatingly quick and powerful hooksets and the kind of relentless power that can overcome the struggles of deep-cover monsters. In open water around weed edges, standing timber, and other cover, the SURVIVOR is a perfect choice for big baits and swimbaits, displaying ample power to keep hard-won bites free of entanglement. Finished with double-footed guides and double thread-wrapping, SWAMP SURVIVOR is fully armed for versatile power games.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 7’2 | Lure: ½-2.5oz | Line: 12-30lb | Power: H| Action: Fast

The BUSHADDER is a quick-strike jig shaft that fearlessly sends jigs and Texas rigs into impregnable brush areas, dense laydowns, and labyrinthine structure. This is a precision American cover attack model born of Megabass’ tournament-tested expertise, delivering “tip-up” balance that naturally supports pendulum casts, the sensitivity to paint a vivid picture of bottom contours and composition, and the intuitive control that comes with integrated equipment. X10 blanks offer the kind of relentless performance to deliver hammer-quick hooksets and tap a wellspring of power to haul targets from complex cover situations without sacrificing the initiative. This is an aggressively tuned, pure competition-spec jig game special.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 7’10| Lure: 1-7oz | Line: 16-40lb | Power: XXH| Action: Regular

Like its namesake, ANACONDA is built to overwhelm record-class targets with relentless torque and power. Ideally suited for punching and frogging in super heavy cover areas, long distance games with big swimbaits, and approaches with magnum baits up to 7 oz., ANACONDA is ready to take the fight to bass fishing destinations around the world. ANACONDA is a full-contact, extra-heavy rod that sends big baits to the farthest reaches with ease, boldly challenging monsters lurking just out of reach. X10 blanks are strong and lightweight, enabling superb balance to reduce angler fatigue on the frontlines.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’10 | Lure: 1/16-3/8oz| Line: 3-8lb | Power: UL | Action: Regular

HIBAKARI dials up the versatility of finesse spinning, enabling long distance castability to send lightweight rigs to the realms of target fish, taking over in high-wind situations that often relegate baitcasting reels to the sidelines. X10 organic fibers offers excellent vibration control to limit axial shaft shake and delivers surprising lifting power to overturn the conventional wisdom of lightweight rods. HIBAKARI is best suited to distance fishing using a variety of lightweight rigs over a wide area and is also adept at finesse plugging with small minnow baits and tiny crankbaits.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’8 | Lure: 1/32-3/4oz | Line: 3-10lb | Power: L| Action: Fast

The YAMAKAGASHI is a multi-faceted rod that brings lightweight versatility to any location. The X10's supple, dynamic blanks allow anglers to utilize such varied approaches as no-sinker and jig-head rigs, drop-shotting, and twitching light topwater plugs and shads. The X10 organic fiber’s dampening properties reduces unwanted blank-shake, allowing anglers to perform crisp and rhythmic rod work that falls into an easy cadence. The X10's high maneuverability and precision angler feel allow minute lure control for precision approaches. The highly responsive YAMAKAGASHI is an extremely versatile spinning model with outsized power and control.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 6’11 | Lure: 1/8-1/2oz| Line: 4-12lb | Power: L| Action: Ex Fast

The MEDUSA finesse spinning rod is a bottom-contact special with a highly sensitive solid tip and deep wellspring of power to secure hard-won bites. Perfect for mid-strolling, sparse cover approaches using light rigs, deep water drop-shotting, no-sinker rigs and long-distance searches with light plugs, MEDUSA’s solid tip yields invitingly to short bites for new hooking opportunities and offers angler input with extreme precision. Anchored by a deceptively strong butt section, X10 blanks deliver decisive hooksets and sure control throughout the fight. Built to conquer the toughest fields, MEDUSA is a deep-approach model equipped with a solid tip to deliver otherworldly sensitivity and control to capture even the lightest of bites.



MSRP: $399 USD Length: 7’0 | Lure: 1/8-5/8oz| Line: 6-16lb | Power: ML | Action: Med Fast

The JADE PYTHON, the renowned high-power spinning model, has been revitalized with X10 organic fiber. The X10 material reinforces the rigidity of the butt section, which allows anglers to attack tangled timber and intricate bushes with lightweight rigs. In addition to its high-torque characteristics, the new JADE PYTHON benefits from the X10’s lightweight construction for nimble handling and integrated feel. With the kind of sensitivity that enables the angler to trace bottom composition with clarity, JADE PYTHON stands out in subtle transition areas, sparse cover and complicated structure where navigation happen by feel alone. JADE PYTHON also excels in long distance applications with minnows, shad, and small vibrations in windy situations where baitcasting equipment often under-delivers. A masterpiece of high-torque spinning is reborn for modern waters.


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Orochi X10 Casting

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The award-winning OROCHI X10 harnesses materials innovation from the high-octane worlds of Porsche®..

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