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Damiki Rig


The most common method for fishing a Damiki rig is to fish it vertically, similar to how most fish a drop shot. When you see a fish on your sonar, drop the bait down and stop it ABOVE the fish. This is the most critical aspect of what makes fishing a Damiki Rig successful. You’re not bringing the bait to the fish. Rather, you’re offering an easy meal without smashing them in the face with it. This subtle finesse approach gives the fish plenty of time to see the bait, pick it’s position to attack from, and eventually eat.

How far above the fish you stop and hold the bait requires some experimentation. In warmer weather conditions, bass are a lot more aggressive. They will come up from about 30 feet below the bait to inhale immediately. In colder weather conditions like we are facing now, holding the bait 5-10 feet above the fish is a great starting point. It’s close enough that they don’t have to expend a lot of energy to get it, but not so close that you spook them away.

Hog Farmer Spunk Shad
Hog Farmer

Spunk Shad

6.5"- five baits per pack.
5.5" - six baits per pack.
4.5" - seven baits per..
Strike King Z-TOO
Strike King


Length - 5"
Qty - 4 Per Pack
VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

Neon Moon Eye Jig

- 3D Holographich Eye
- Shape gives the illusion of a wider profile
- Asprin S..
Strike King Baby Z-Too
Strike King

Baby Z-Too

Length: 3.5"
Baby Z Too Soft Jerkbaits offer a super-soft, yet incredibly dura..
Damiki Damiki Rig Jig Heads

Damiki Rig Jig Heads

1/8oz #1/0 or #2/0 3pc
3/16oz#1/0 or #2/0 3pc
1/4oz #1/0 or #2/0 3pc
3/8oz #1..
Damiki Armor Shad

Armor Shad


2.5" Solid Color - 15
2.5" Laminate Color - 12
3" Solid Color - 15..
X Zone Hot Shot Minnow
X Zone

Hot Shot Minnow

Length: 3.25" Applications include:

Drop Shot
Ned Rig
Neko Rig
Damiki Rig..
Fish Head V3 Swimbait Head
Fish Head

V3 Swimbait Head

Realistic Baitfish Profile
Perfect Geometric Center Balance
90-Degree Vertical..

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